Clinical Trial

While several applications for 4D Lifetest™ are possible, the company puts its long-time focus onto the cancer screening. The combination of several in-vitro and in-vivo methods will be used to validate this visionary approach.


The following clinical applications are in preparation:


Clinical Pilot Study of 4D Lifetest™ for Personalized Lung Cancer Detection (4D Lifetest™ LC).

The Clinical Trial will be done at the University Hospital Basel, Switzerland, under the supervision of the Head of the Center of Lung Tumors, PD Dr. med. Sacha Rothschild.


Clinical Pilot Study for Personalized Prostate Cancer Detection (4D Lifetest™ PC).

The Clinical Trial is planned at the University Hospital of St. Gallen, Switzerland, under the supervision of PhD Dr. med. Daniel Engeler, Assistant Chief Doctor for Urology.


The second trial is under general support for clinical study design by SAKK, Dr. P. Brauchli, CEO.


Clinical Trail Labor 126 small