4D Lifetest™ - Non-invasive, immuno-oncological blood test for early cancer detection


4D Lifetest™ - Assists patients in one of the most critical phases of their lives

4D Lifetest™ - The non-invasive, immuno-oncological blood test for various types of cancer

4D Lifetec Diagnostic Lab

Our Mission – Empowering lives through early cancer detection backed with AI

Step into a brighter future with 4D Lifetec. We are a pioneer on a mission to revolutionize early cancer detection. Our proprietary immuno-oncological biomarker DDS, embedded in an easy-to-use blood test, can detect cancer at its earliest stages (I and II), offering peace of mind and proactive well-being protection. Sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) enhances our immunological high-throughput blood assays which in turn enables timely intervention and treatment.


"The combined forces of 4D Lifetec and Xlife Sciences are a game changer, paving the way to new horizons in digital health."

- Dr. Giancarlo Rizzoli, CEO 4D Lifetec


Introducing 4D Lifetest™ Lung Dx

Our non-invasive immuno-oncological blood test verifies lung cancer at its earliest stage, guiding effective treatment paths while reducing burdensome diagnostic cycles for patients. Empowering lives, redefining diagnostics.



The company

At 4D Lifetec AG, we are healthcare innovators with a clear purpose – to tackle medicine's vital challenges head-on. Comprising a team of distinguished experts, we are on a mission of utmost urgency: detecting cancer early when treatment options are most effective and hope for a cure is strongest.




  • Your Health, Our Priority: We believe our product is the best on the market because it tackles a significant problem - early cancer detection. Your well-being is at the heart of everything we do.

  • Proven Effectiveness: With clinically demonstrated high sensitivity in early detection, our 4D Lifetest™ leads the way in finding cancer at earliest stages I and II, giving you an advantage in the fight against cancer.

  • A Seamless Integration: As the perfect complement to standard cancer diagnostics, our 4D Lifetest™ offers an extra layer of certainty and peace of mind.

  • Leading the Way: As pioneers in the field, our own patented DDS biomarker has no direct competition, making it the ultimate choice for efficient, reliable, and cost-effective testing.