4D Lifetest™ - Non-invasive, immuno-oncological blood test for early cancer detection

4D Lifetest™ - Assists patients in one of the most critical phases of their lives

4D Lifetest™ - The non-invasive, immuno-oncological blood test for various types of cancer

4D Lifetec Diagnostic Lab

4D Lifetec has the vision to create a breakthrough in early cancer diagnostics

The immune system is critical in detecting cancer early, and developing reliable immuno oncological biomarkers is essential to complement existing diagnostic methods. 4D Lifetec is a pioneering company in this field and specialized in non-invasive, immuno-oncological blood testing for early cancer detection. The company has developed a proprietary transformative DDS biomarker that has the potential to become a key element in the diagnostic cascade for all main types of cancers. As an immunological assay, this biomarker has clinically demonstrated high sensitivity in early detection, making it an ideal add-on to today’s routine diagnostic methods and increasing the early sensitivity of genomic liquid biopsy. The 4D Lifetest™ immuno assay has a proven track record in detecting cancer in stages I and II and is positioned as a complementary and confirmatory test to standard of care cancer diagnostics. It has no direct competition in the market and offers an unrivaled price positioning and profitability due to its simplicity and scalability.


4D Lifetest™ Lung Dx

The 4D Lifetest™ Lung Dx is the company's flagship product marketed with an initial focus on lung cancer confirmation. It is the first non-invasive IVD blood immuno-oncological assay to assess lung cancer formation at its earliest stage. This diagnostic information is a breakthrough progress to tackle the catastrophic mortality rates of lung cancer patients and protect benign patients from the invasive stress of frequently repeated surveillance diagnostics.