4D Lifetest™ - Liquid Biopsy

4D Lifetest™ - Early Cancer Diagnostics

4D Lifetest™ - First Swiss Liquid Biopsy for various types of cancer

4D Lifetec has the vision to create a breakthrough in early cancer diagnostics



4D Lifetec has developed a revolutionary, non-genomic, liquid biopsy assay for multiple cancer types at the earliest possible stage. Its 4D Lifetest™ assay, backed by clinical data and several IVD-CE marks, has the potential to detect the most relevant types of cancer from a blood sample with high sensitivity and remarkably earlier than genomic assays. It is therefore one of the first tests to fulfill a central promise of cancer liquid biopsy.





Stand-alone personallized diagnostics, therapy monitoring and preventive screening.



Complementary to existing biomarkers



To empower predictive AI tools