At 4D Lifetec, we are driven by a singular purpose - revolutionizing cancer diagnostics through advanced technology. Our innovative 4D Lifetest™ unveils a new era in early cancer detection, making a profound impact on patients' lives.


At the heart of our revolutionary test, 4D Lifetest™, lies the transformative biomarker DDS (DNA Damage Sensitivity). This cutting-edge biomarker allows us to meticulously quantify DNA fragmentation in blood cells, ushering in a new era of precision and accuracy in early cancer detection.


Our unwavering dedication to excellence has led us to design an easy-to-use workflow, ensuring seamless integration for healthcare professionals. With compelling clinical evidence supported by four publications and extensive patient data from esteemed regions like CH, EU, and US, our test stands as a beacon of reliability and efficacy.


The testament to our commitment to trailblazing technology is our IP strategy, including extensive patent protection across key territories, such as the US, Europe, China, and other nations. This exclusivity reaffirms our pledge to forging the path of innovation in cancer diagnostics.


With an exceptional early-stage sensitivity our test empowers healthcare professionals to discern cancer at its most vulnerable, treatable, and potentially curable stage. This powerful early intervention capability holds the promise of transforming lives and instilling newfound hope within patients and medical communities.

What makes us stand out:

  • Novel Biomarker: DDS (DNA Damage Sensitivity) quantifies DNA fragmentation in blood cells, ensuring unmatched accuracy and reliability.

  • Easy Workflow: Our streamlined design offers simplicity and efficiency for healthcare professionals at all levels.

  • Strong Clinical Evidence: Backed by four publications and extensive patient data from CH, EU, and US, 4D Lifetest™ inspires trust and confidence.

  • Global Patent Protection: Fully proprietary and patent-protected in key regions, ensuring innovation and exclusivity.

  • Early Detection Power: With an impressive early-stage sensitivity, our test empowers patients with potential early intervention options.