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It is our Vision at 4D Lifetec to establish a test system for Effective Early Cancer Diagnostics and create a door opener to Cancer Prediction

Early Cancer Diagnostics

Early detection of cancer is one of the most important challenges for the health care policies in the coming years. Europe alone demands approximately 200 million single examinations per year of its population as an efficient base for prolongation of life expectancy. Today’s major problem of early diagnostics is that unreliable tumor detection at primary stage leads to unspecific therapy. Therefore healthcare costs are not spent efficiently. The US spent $42.4 billion on cancer drugs in 2014 ($100 billion spent on cancer drugs around the world). 75% of cancer treatment don’t work. Therefore, effective methods for early cancer diagnosis would yield to a longer life and dramatically decrease the future financial burden of health care systems.

Source: Business Insider, September 2015 www.busnessinsider.com/big-data-and-cancer-2015-9.

Read more about the clinical evidence of our 4D LifetestTM.


The Vision of Cancer Prediction

Furthermore, current diagnostics detecting cancer at a later stage of metastasis restricts all therapeutic activities and clinical data assembling to patients who are already affected by cancer. What if we could predict cancer and see it come before an individual really gets affected. To realize this vision, cost effective, highly precise mass screening of populations over time (Human Biomonitoring) would be key. In combination with continuous cancer related data assembly (Social Datamonitoring) the necessary context for prediction of cancer could be created.


Read more about how 4D LifetestTM could help realising the vision of Cancer Prediction.

Clinical Data + Context Data = Knowledge

Clinical Data Context Data Knowledge 4D

A dedicated Management Team supported by Key Experts

4D Lifetec AG is a highly innovative Swiss start up founded 2014 by Dr. Arne Faisst and Nick Mijnssen. We have set up an experienced motivated team of experts to create a first footprint in the world of cancer diagnostics. Reaching today’s status, 4D Lifetec AG needs more hands to maintain dynamics and consolidate processes and services with our partners, suppliers and customers. A scientific board is currently institutionalized and expanded.


  • Active in the Medtech Industry since 1989 (Fresenius, Synthes, Mathys, Cendres+Métaux) in various national and international positions in Germany, France, US, Netherlands and Switzerland
  • Long term experience in the field of Life Science (Biochemistry, Molecular Cell Biology and Virology)
  • 8 years CEO and Member of Board of Directors of the Mathys Group.
  • Since 2013 owner and CEO of anfass Life Technologies AG, family office and service provider for Active Trust Management
  • Masters in Natural Science, Marketing and Finance
  • Experienced manager with deep understanding of healthcare markets in Europe, Asia and the US


  • Active in the Medtech Industry (Synthes, Mathys, Heraeus) since 2001 in various national and international positions

  • Experienced global executive with broad and deep understanding of healthcare markets and working experience from Science to Sales

  • Since 2014 engaged in active trust management at anfass Life Technologies AG

  • PhD in Natural Science, exec. MBA with focus on Corporate Finance

  • Since 2006 Member of Executive Committee and Treasurer of Swiss Society for Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine


  • Active in Life science and Laboratory automation since 2007 in various positions
  • Extensive international project management experiences in laboratory automation and life science
  • PhD in Natural Science
  • Junior Marketing Manager with Swiss Federal Certificate and several years of experience in marketing management
  • Specific focus on digital marketing projects and programs from her time working for a interactive marketing agency
  • Experienced in the field of insurance companies and in the sector of Life Science
  • Long time experience in organisation and administration of back office solutions at different levels and industries


Did you just finished your PhD in oncology and are a team-oriented person and willing to become an integral part of a highly innovative start-up company?


4D Lifetec AG developed the 4D Lifetest™ – an innovative, standardized, cost effective ultra-precise integral liquid biopsy assay (ILB) for the early detection of cancer. ILB is a progression of current liquid biopsy assays, measuring the level of DNA repair in white and red blood cells which reliably correlates with primary tumor affection at an early stage. It is a prescreening diagnostic assay creating general information on tumor affection at all stages prior to further investigation via cancer-specific assays. 4D Lifetec has successfully translated the reduced level of information (yes/no) of the assay into an innovative and effective setup combining reduced costs with ultra-precision and mass screening potential.


4D Lifetest™ has already proven its ability to detect early-stage cancer in general due to DNA repair suppression in patients affected by any kind of cancer. Clinical trials have shown its potential as a simple, single, empirical assay to select any early-stage cancer (Early Cancer Diagnostics). Further clinical trials in combination with in-vitro tests are planned.

We are looking for an innovative, dedicated team player to support our team regarding scientific research and clinical trials.


In this position you will


  • direct all activities and projects of the Scientific Research Program in coordination with the board.
  • be responsible for the design, planning and implementation of the different scientific projects and sub-projects for the biological documentation, verification and validation of the 4D Lifetest™ System.
  • engage yourself in networking and in contact management in the onco-scientific community and societies.
  • represent 4D Lifetec scientifically towards the different stakeholders and within the scientific community.
  • conduct Literature screening and technology scouting.


Further on by request of the board, scientific support and project management for other oncological projects for third parties on part time basis may be possible. The function may include employee’s management responsibilities.


Your profile


  • PostDoc student in the field of cancer research and / or human DNA damage and repair.
  • Experiences in clinical trials and / or clinical verification and validation of IVD devices.
  • Experiences in the development of cancer detection assays.
  • English: fluent and on contractual level.
  • German: basic oral communication requested.


Our offer


  • Broad field of activities.
  • Insights and cooperation in business related topics.
  • High level on competence and responsibility regarding scientific decisions.
  • Very promising future development options within 4D Lifetec.
  • Highly experienced professional team.


We look forward to your application!




For further details please contact Arne Faisst arne.faisst@4dlifetec.com or call +41 79 779 11 34.




Please send your application by email to Jacqueline Felber jacqueline.felber@4dlifetec.com


4D Lifetec AG
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