4D Lifetec successfully completes CHF 23.3 Mio deal with Xlife Sciences, paving the way for innovative advancements in AI-driven cancer detection.


We are thrilled to share the latest milestone in our journey of progress and innovation. Today marks the successful closing of a transformative agreement between 4D Lifetec AG and Xlife Sciences AG, shaping the future of early cancer detection.


In a significant financial move, Xlife Sciences has invested CHF 23.3 million in a share and investment deal, securing a 20% stake in the pioneering company, 4D Lifetec. This collaboration not only brings in crucial capital but also introduces an AI software developed specifically for 4D Lifetec, expanding the capabilities of their Lifetest™ in the realm of digital health. This strategic investment represents a groundbreaking moment in healthcare, combining financial strength with cutting-edge technology to revolutionize early cancer detection.


Dr. Arne-Christian Faisst, Co-founder and Chairman of 4D Lifetec: "With the successful closing of this deal, we are thrilled to forge ahead, seamlessly integrating revolutionary technologies that will redefine early cancer diagnostics. This marks a decisive moment for 4D Lifetec, enhancing our commitment to comprehensive patient care and oncological outcomes."


Dr. Giancarlo Rizzoli, CEO of 4D Lifetec: "The closed deal with Xlife Sciences represents a significant milestone for 4D Lifetec. We are excited about the boundless possibilities this partnership unlocks in the realm of digital health. The closing marks the beginning of a transformative journey, and we eagerly anticipate the positive impact it will have on healthcare solutions."