February 2021 - 4D Lifetest™: High sensitivity confirmed for the diagnosis of breast cancer

Breast Cancer Confirmed

As part of our multi-cancer observational study 'Prospective Evaluation of 4D Lifetest™ Parameters to Develop a Universal Early Cancer Diagnosis Test', blood samples from 51 participants were collected (44% patients with newly diagnosed, untreated breast cancer and 56% non-cancer). Evaluation of the DNA damage susceptibility (DDS) comparing non-cancer with cancer samples resulted in a comparably high sensitivity and specificity as already reported for lung and prostate cancer. The mean DDS for early stage breast cancer I and II did not differ significantly from late stage II and IV supporting the suggested high performance also for early detection. Preliminary statistical analysis of the validation set shows an exceptionally good p-value for breast cancer of p<0.0001.


Together with the data already reported for lung and prostate cancer, we have taken another significant step towards establishing the 4D Lifetest™ as a multi-cancer assay.