November 2022 - 4D Lifetec and Molecular Diagnostics Group announce strategic partnership to further industrialization of 4D Lifetest™ liquid biopsy assay

The collaboration brings together two companies that are both highly specialized in different areas of cancer diagnostics. 4D Lifetec is an innovative Swiss company that has developed a special blood test for the diagnosis of cancer. The test is based on a new transformational biomarker that is particularly suitable for early detection. As an experienced developer and producer of diagnostic tests, MDG has the necessary facilities to carry out the industrial production of the required test kits. This is to meet the expected increasing demand from the current market launch of the 4D Lifetest™. At the same time, MDG specializes in the development, manufacture and distribution of molecular genetic tests and related instruments. The company is thus an ideal partner for the further automation of assays developed by 4D Lifetec and at the same time offers suitable portfolio additions in precision diagnostics.


Therefore, in the medium term, the two partners are also exploring the joint development of oncology diagnostic solutions that combine the exceptionally high sensitivity of the 4D Lifetest™ in early detection with advanced molecular genetic precision testing for cancer and patient stratification.


4D Lifetec AG is the pioneering companies for non-genomic cancer diagnostics from blood. 4D Lifetest™ Lung Dx is the company's flagship product and the first CE IVD registered assay that can non-invasively assess the development of lung cancer at the earliest stage. This diagnostic information is based on the company's unique transformational biomarker and represents a breakthrough advance to address the catastrophic mortality rates of lung cancer patients and protect benign patients from the invasive burden of frequently repeated surveillance diagnoses. 4D Lifetec plans to further expand the high throughput capacity of its assay and use it for other cancers such as breast, prostate and colorectal. All of these tests follow the same protocol and are already CE IVD-labeled.


The Molecular Diagnostics Group groups together various diagnostics companies with unique expertise in molecular and nuclear diagnostics and bioinformatics. The company's overarching goal is to develop and distribute innovative analytical and diagnostic methods in the field of Personalized Medicine. MDG is active in several countries and maintains a subsidiary in the USA.


“With this partnership, 4D Lifetec lays another important keystone for the successful expansion of its 4D Lifetest™ in Europe and the US” Arne Faisst, CEO of 4D Lifetec said.


Willi Zörgiebel, CEO of MDG, said, "MDG will add an essential element to its portfolio strategy to expand the field of oncology diagnostics through the cooperation with 4D Lifetec."