October 2021 - Third CE-IVD mark received: Launch of 4D Lifetest™ Colon Dx

After reporting the CE-IVD mark reception of our 4D Lifetest™ Lung Dx in April and 4D Lifetest™ Breast Dx in June we also received CE-IVD mark for our third application 4D Lifetest™ Colon Dx now. All assays are based on a new non-genomic liquid biopsy which has demonstrated an outstanding early detection potential in clinical validation studies.


A new liquid biopsy platform for cancer detection analysing patient derived peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs)

4D Lifetec offers 4D Lifetest™, the first diagnostic method that provides detection of multiple cancer types at the earliest possible stage; in fact, the assay shows the same sensitivity for stage 1 cancers as it does for stage 4. 4D Lifetest™ requires only a small volume of blood, and has significantly lower cost and shorter time than other liquid biopsy tests. The method is being clinically validated and shows dramatically better performance than current diagnostic methods including the genomic assays developed by Grail and Thrive. Offering the first high sensitivity, non-genomic based liquid biopsy, 4D Lifetest™ enables detection of any cancer type at an early stage.